Celebrating Kamala Harris & Diversity at Christmas

This week we’re celebrating women in general, the culture, what’s been happening. If you haven't had a chance to listen to the latest episode, listen here.

Well you know what they say; “when America sneezes, the whole world catches a cold”, and true to form, the world has whole heartedly welcomed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s recent election wins! As black people, we’re proud to see someone who looks like us standing up there at the top, it opens the door of opportunity, so there’s now a plethora of black people who look at that role and now think that “I can apply for that and do a better job in this way and that way”. The door is open for women, we’d go so far as to say that she’s won it for all of us.

Whether we as women know it or not, we are following through a door that someone worked extremely hard to open for us. This can be in the sense that we’re able to vote, apply for and get jobs, get equal pay, work in politics, own our own property or even become president – but because of the history of a patriarchal society and culture, we have a lot of women in the past, present and future to thank for the opportunities that we probably take for granted on a daily basis.

That being said, there’s still so much blatant discrimination and refusal to step into the 21st century from many people. We talk about the new Sainsbury’s Christmas advert titled ‘The Gravy Song’. Having been posted on the supermarket’s social media platforms in the last couple of weeks, it features a daughter calling her dad who talks about his “famous Christmas gravy”, a family tradition. There are flashbacks to the kids of the house growing up in the kitchen and enjoying each Christmas with the famous gravy. It’s a heart warming, minute long advert that we’ve seen in some form or another over the last several years. The only difference? The family is black. And it’s not the kind of black that can come across as kind of white, or mixed race – they are a beautiful, happy, healthy black family!

This story has been hitting the headlines recently because there have been many thousands of people who have taken to the comments section to state their outrage; “I don’t feel like this represents me and my family”, “this doesn’t depict a modern day Britain”, “this is discrimination”. All of which sound suspiciously like what people of colour have been saying for a long while.

This was a really interesting topic to chat all the way through, so of course we veered off onto a random tangent!! For example, have you ever wondered if insisting on wishing everyone a Merry Christmas was offensive to some people? Americans actually say “Happy Holidays”, this encompasses all the religious celebrations around the end of the year. It’s probably going to become a saying in the UK because A) It’s more politically correct and B) when America sneezes, the whole world catches a cold. If you really think about it, it’s probably less than ideal if you’re celebrating your own religious holiday and a group of Christmas Carollers come banging your door down spreading the Christmas cheer (yay). So maybe it’s something to be considered – let us know what you think, because we think that if Black Friday can make it to the UK (for no apparent reason but retail), then other American traditions will come here too.

We really loved this episode, it was fun recording and listening back to it, if you have any topics you think we should touch on then definitely let us know via email or DM’s any suggestions you may have. See you next time!

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