Episode 30. Rumbi Interviews Sanii Makhalima

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

As the Zoom meeting began, I waited patiently for my guest to join in the call. I was buzzing with excitement to finally meet him, albeit virtually. Like a superstar that he is, he was fashionably late (only by like a couple of minutes). The man himself then joined the call and I breathed a sigh of relief whilst trying my utmost best to be as cool as a cucumber. Because I'm not cool whatsoever, the super-fan in me couldn't resist belting out his signature "Mr Makhalima" which was a complete fail, but being a humble and genuinely nice guy, Sanii, a man of many talents, found time to sit with me and chat. Chat about his music, career and his latest album B-rokenhearted.

For those who don't know Sanii Makhalima, he is a popular Zimbabwean musician (singer/songwriter) and producer. Sanii burst into the scene in 1999 with a song that became a household anthem Usadaro from his album "Ndofefeterwa". From then Sanii has managed to release 16 albums (including B-rokenhearted) and over 400 songs written for himself and other artists. He is truly a musical inspiration and we were honoured to have him on the Pod to talk all things love, broken hearts and mending them.

Sanii clarified the title to his latest album "B-rokenhearted"; he says besides creative licence, the B was for emphasis that this heart was truly broken. Sanii also says he was inspired by a fan and memes going around that said Sanii only sang when his heart had been broken and referred to "whoever the lady is who has broken Sanii's heart in the past needs to do it again so he could write more songs". Sanii listens to his fans so he ended up naming this album "B-rokenhearted" based on a that meme! You heard it hear first!

We also talked about the song "Hazvichaiti" the first song on the album. Sanii was candid to share the state in which the meaning of this song lay. He was keen to describe it as a guy who had reached his breaking point and couldn't take it anymore. This is someone who is so heartbroken not to be with the woman he loves but he has accepted that their relationship can't go on. What's more is that now that she has left, if she tries to come back she'll find he's moved on and there's no room for her in his life. The video itself is shot featuring Sanii in his lonesome to emphasise that it's not about the woman but all about this man's pain and his resolution to move on because he deserves better.

This got me thinking that maybe that is the outlook we need to have when our relationships end. We are so upset and focused on the why a relationship has failed or why it ended and we even go back into the same toxic relationship for fear of being alone but sometimes accepting that this is the end and we can't be together is the best option.

As the interview continued, I would have been more than okay with just his presence, but Sanii took to his guitar to serenade us with the song Hazvichaiti. This is another talent added to the list of his many. He said he learned to play the guitar during Covid-19! I was so impressed and just took in the impromptu song.

Speaking of the pandemic and its impact, it was enlightening to learn about the challenges facing artists to put out content, music, videos and material when collaborations can't be done in the same place. Sanii shared the challenges in making this album but what was most impressive was that none of the collaborations or videos were shot in the same venue. Sanii would record or shoot his part of the music video and another artist would shoot theirs from where they where and so on. These would then be amalgamated by a video producer who again was in another location! Insane right? Check out the music video for is it over with Julian King. It was definitely an eye opener to what it takes to create such a work of art.

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