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SPOILER ALERT: This one is absolutely full of spoilers. For those who haven’t yet watched the epic Netflix costume drama yet, you might need to avert your eyes or skip through this post entirely.

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Gone are the days of Downton Abbey, and now, we find ourselves blessed with Shonda Rhimes’ latest Shondaland production which feels like a more "Gossip Girl meets uptown-Downton Abbey" for a slightly younger audience.

The show is based on the 8-book series of novels written by Julia Quinn . We are definitely buying these books as we have definitely been missing out on some sordid tales of scandal and romance!

The Complete 8 Series Novels by Julia Quinn. Click on each book to order your copy.

It’s shamelessly binge worthy not only for the juicy storyline but the aesthetics of it all. This week we talk about how interesting it is to finally see a globally popular series where black people are at the top of the hierarchy, and race wasn’t the dominant plot line! It’s refreshing seeing how race doesn’t play a prominent part in the power dynamics, almost as if the lines are blurred and all that really differentiates the characters is, well… their character.

And yes of course there’s the Duke of Hastings; Simon Bassett, the tall, dark and handsome hunk of the series. This probably feels like the perfect time to shout from the rooftops that “He’s Zimbabwean!!!” Needless to say, we both screamed when we found out – we’re still calming down from all the national pride 😊 Yes that’s right, one of our own is a global superstar and we couldn’t be happier. Rege Jean Page does Zimbabwe proud and needless to say, we would all love to be the spoon in that cafe scene (my, oh, my).

The series is basically about an old time gossip columnist called "Lady Whistledown", she reveals all of high society’s secrets during the season of the year when the top families bring their daughters into Society (who have come of age) as Debutants. It really is pitching their children for the most socially and financially beneficial marriages – and yes, love has nothing to do with it! We see the ups and downs of how daughters are raised purely to become the most attractive option for the most eligible bachelors. There are mothers playing cheeky tactics to get their daughters noticed by the prince, we have sons who are stuck in this life but have no interest in upholding the family name, fathers gambling their entire fortunes away and dropping their family right out of the elite class, aunts trying to marry a girl off before the husband-to-be finds out she’s already pregnant, raunchy affairs and their secret babies and oh so much more!!

Bridgerton is one high budget drama to say the least. We love that you can tell that no expense was spared, it was intended to be great and Netflix viewership numbers showed it. Reaching over 82 million house holds in its first 28 days, the show has proven to be Netflix’s biggest series ever. It’s understandable that it’s been such a global hit because although it looks historical, it feels modern. There is barely a whisper about racial differences, what's more; although the plight of women depending on a man to marry and run a home is prevalent; Rhimes made it natural to see women proactively leading to the point where we forget that it’s unusual not to see them being submissive in this type of show. Even the sex scenes were shot from a female's perspective. If you take a closer look at the sex scenes, it is the Duke mostly in the nude or pleasuring Daphne. It's very refreshing if you ask us!

The infamous sex scenes between Daphne Bridgerton and the Duke are incredibly raunchy with no holds barred, it’s the type of show you watch with your girlfriends pretending to shy away but looking intently at every detail. It was intense to say the least, more of an exploration of pleasure than a cringe worthy romance between two very young newlyweds.

There was a very good point raised in this show. That the idea of sex, how it happens, where to put what where and how babies are made is one that most mothers shy away from discussing with their daughters. It may seem incredibly unfamiliar to us now, some of these girls back then and even now were raised with zero sexual education! Imagine reaching the point of marriage without ever knowing how babies are made?! Believe it or not, this is such a curious storyline that you can’t help but want to talk about it with everyone who’s watched it. It is certainly an issue to put on the "To talk about list" with your daughter/ future daughter.

There’s far too much to unpack in one blog post so let us know what you thought of the show. Did you love it as much as we did or was it not your cup of tea? We’re at that point where we are about to buy Bridgerton tea mugs and the rest of the Julia Quinn Novels!

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